So … we closed our church after two and a half years.

Is there ever a right way to start off a conversation like this? Is it possible to ease into things and then hit people with gut wrenching information? How do you deliver such news? No one could have guessed that after three years we would be in this position, but alas, we are. We have officially … Read more about So … we closed our church after two and a half years.

There’s this rose bush we have in our front yard. For a few months now, we have watched it get out of control. It became too bushy, its color was fading, and you could tell it needed help. So after a few weeks of trying to figure out the time to trim it back, I finally got fed up with it and … Read more about

My wife continues to kill it, sharing her heart for the local church and how Immanuel means something so much more than words on a two thousand year old page.  planterwife: Dec. 22 was the very first Catalyst open house/service. We had a wonderful time with our launch team and some friends who came … Read more about

Give credit where credit is due.  This is a thought that is persistently floating around in my head. When we first started down this path of church planting, we understood that we need someone who has walked down this road before to help guide us. After talking with some friends at STADIA, and a … Read more about

Nine years. In church years, that is a ton of time. When they say that the average student ministries pastor sticks around for 18 months, and that the average lead pastor for 5 years, that says a lot. To be in one place, building relational equity and the right to be heard; building a ministry from … Read more about