Catalyst Christian Church Has Closed.

Is there ever a right way to start off a conversation like this? Is it possible to ease into things and then hit people with gut wrenching information? How do you deliver such news? No one could have guessed that after three years we would be in this position, but alas, we are. Catalyst is closing … Read more about Catalyst Christian Church Has Closed.

More Than a Support Group

Siting across the table from a middle aged man, he poured out his heart to me. His head sank into his shoulders as he wept aloud; the tears pooling on the executive desk below his shaking body. With gasping breath he shared last night’s revealing to his wife, how he had been caught with porn, and … Read more about More Than a Support Group

Bill’s Communion with Jesus

Bill's Communion with Jesus - Catalyst This post is getting a lot of traction on our church’s blog. Why? Because God used and is now using a great and godly man after His heart to communicate His love for His people.  As I led communion for Catalyst yesterday, I could not help but think about … Read more about Bill’s Communion with Jesus

Here in North County, like many places around the state, there is an almost constant state of hurry. We all have different reasons for it. Some are working two jobs to afford an underwater mortgage, others have children who are playing multiple sports at the same time; contexts vary.  But what we … Read more about

It’s time we did church different.

It's time we did church different. Check out our new church plant in the heart of San Marcos, Ca. This Sunday it’s an open house. Then it’s all about team building. So if you’d like to launch a new and healthy church in San Marcos, now is the time to step up and lead. … Read more about It’s time we did church different.