If you don’t stand for something, you stand for nothing, and isn’t that something? 

Man, it’s hard writing things like this. I don’t know if it should be or not, but it certainly is. Because over the past few months, weeks, and days, I have seen on social media and in person, the people that I know and respect, love and enjoy, come face to face with reality, and end up on opposite sides; adamantly so.

“How dare you kneel for the anthem. Don’t you know what I fought for?”

“How dare you hate me for kneeling. Don’t you know my people are dying?”

Two sides to the same coin, unable to see the other. 

Everyone understands what you fought for. And we all know your people are dying. We are on the same team.

At what point though, do we lay down arms and come to the table?

We have fought and are fighting for the future of our country, for the rights of our children’s children, and a hope for a better tomorrow.

But first, today. 

Today we cry out in angst. Our brothers and sisters lay dead in the streets, their voices silenced in a country that has become hostile to them in their eyes. And so they kneel. The pray. They protest. Because the people that fought for their freedoms cannot hear their cries and come to their defense.

Is it really this way?

There is a grander narrative at play here. Some how, some way, we have allowed others to define this point in time. We have allowed a narrative of division to become the pejorative and prevailing viewpoint of all, and the one that is leading the discussion. This is what needs to stop, and soon.

We cannot allow this conversation to become dominated by the negativity of others. In order for civil discourse to become a way of life again, we need to give voice to all sides in order to forge a clear path forward. If not, we go back to yelling at one another, unable to hear the other side speak clearly. More offense. More protests. More.

You need to stand for something, because if you stand for nothing, you’re standing for something else entirely, and that’s not good for anyone.




You need to lead this conversation. Where else in the world do these two sides of the same coin come together on a regular basis but in church. While we may live in the neighborhood, have kids play on the same team, and shop at the same stores, we sit next to each other every week, waiting with eager anticipation on how you will lead us.

We trust you.

We pray for you.

We need you.

Stand up and say something. For us. For both of us. Find a way to get us to come to the table and for goodness sake, help create a new narrative that will lead us all into a brighter tomorrow. For our sake, for our children’s sake, and for our children’s children.


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