Street Signs All Over My Lawn

The debate is getting heated. I say that as if it wasn’t already there, but it is getting, shall we say explosive? Most of you know where I stand on the issue, and I differ with a lot of my friends and family on parts of the issue. Prop 8 is more than just gay marriage, but about parental rights, education, etc… check out the sides at and You may have two sides to the story, but at least you’ll be informed. 

Now to this lawn thing. Yesterday my wife and I returned home from the mall after a while of shopping (we’re low on the money, so it’s more like browsing), all to find two torn up signs all over our front yard. Here’s the deal though: we have never had any signs on/in/around/by our yard, so someone had to have picked them up from someone else’s yard and ditched them on me. Is this an attack? Is it vandalism? What’s the deal? 

The deal is people are angry, no matter what side of the fence thy are on. They are hurting, because our world is corrupt. They are lost, because we are in spiritual exile. Whatever the deal is, it has hit home; made an impact. Still, there is no reason to be angry about this, though some say I should. I believe the answer for me is to be ever more diligent in prayer for the hurt, angry and lost. What’s yours?

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