My father-in-law says that there are only two sermons to preach: 1) Know Jesus, and 2) Be Faithful.

This has been on my heart a lot this week. We continue to grow here at Catalyst, in numbers and in discipleship relationships, yet we are presented with the reality of a small church budget and multiple staff.

You’ve got to cut somewhere. For now, that’s the general budget… and my salary.

I’ve always bought into paying staff first, and as the lead minister at Catalyst, I will gladly take the lead in this. Sure, we are making up more than 33% of our tithes internally, which is good for under a year, but we are not making it overall. Why? Well, sometimes churches and individuals cannot hold up their end of the deal, or have issues within themselves that disallow them from supporting at the current time.

These things happen, and it kind of stinks. But they happen, and when they do, you’ve got to have faith that the very same God that called you to plant here in San Marcos, will be faithful to complete the work here.

So… I have faith. We have faith. Our church and family have faith. Tithes are going up. Numbers are going up. We continue to have to put out more chairs every Sunday morning. These things are good. They are the fruit of a faithful church and people who are responding to God’s call upon their lives.

Right now, we are knowing Jesus, by being faithful to His message for the great people of San Marcos. Can you say that for you and your church? I sure hope so, and would love to pray alongside of you, that you would reach everyone far from God, and help them find their way back home to Jesus.

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