I miss Heath Ledger. Everyone clamors over his performance in Batman, and while I agree that it was a great performance and certainly worthy of an Oscar, I liked his portrayal of a lowly knight in A Knight’s Tale. It’s the humor and camaraderie between his best friends that drew me in, but the overall story really captured me.

Here’s a low on the totem pole servant of a knight, who grew up without a dad and served at the pleasure of his knight. One day, his knight died, and he rose to take his place as a fake knight, in order to compete in the games and put food on his table. It’s great! But there’s this quote that captures my heart, and I want to share it with you.

His dad says to him (when they catch up after decades… watch the movie!!!), “Change your stars and live a better life than I have.”

Change your stars. 

It’s something every dad wishes for his kid. As a parent, I want a life for my kids that is so much better than what I had. It’s not that my life wasn’t great and that my parents weren’t incredible; it’s that parents wish only the best for their kids.

As we look into scripture, we see God as our Heavenly Father. Not some aloof sperm donor, but rather an incredibly involved figure in the lives of His kids. He loves and blesses us. He challenges and convicts us. He pushes us to new heights and brings up through extreme lows.

His love knows no bounds.

Our God is a story maker. 

If God is a story maker, then we are a story shaper. We cannot change the past. We cannot control our future. But we can shape our here and now.

We can change our stars by the way we live.

At Catalyst, we are calling our people to live and share Good News, because God has called us to be story shapers. And who knows; the way in which we live and share who He is may end up opening a life to who God is and what He is doing.

Stars can be changed.

Mine was.

So can yours.

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