More Than a Support Group

Siting across the table from a middle aged man, he poured out his heart to me. His head sank into his shoulders as he wept aloud; the tears pooling on the executive desk below his shaking body. With gasping breath he shared last night’s revealing to his wife, how he had been caught with porn, and … Read more about More Than a Support Group

Bill’s Communion with Jesus

Bill's Communion with Jesus - Catalyst This post is getting a lot of traction on our church’s blog. Why? Because God used and is now using a great and godly man after His heart to communicate His love for His people.  As I led communion for Catalyst yesterday, I could not help but think about … Read more about Bill’s Communion with Jesus

Truth or Tradition

Truth or Traditionplanterwife: I had a bit of a forced absence when my keyboard broke. The bad part of that, is that I was unable to write for over a week. The good part is that now that I have a new keyboard, and over a week to contemplate, what I am writing about is perhaps of more substance. I … Read more about Truth or Tradition