"If your #church doesn't look like you, then it's not FOR you. And if it doesn't look like other people, then it's not FOR THEM either." - View Tweet Last week I was talking with my friend Chris Brooks about the church and racism, and how we need to move forward with a multi-ethnic movement that … Read more about Racism

Catalyst Christian Church Has Closed.

Is there ever a right way to start off a conversation like this? Is it possible to ease into things and then hit people with gut wrenching information? How do you deliver such news? No one could have guessed that after three years we would be in this position, but alas, we are. Catalyst is closing … Read more about Catalyst Christian Church Has Closed.

Preaching on difficult topics.

A friend of mine is in trouble. His marriage is on the rocks, things were hidden, his church just found out, and this Sunday I am preaching on the topic of marriage. "Seems appropriate", some may say, but more than appropriate, it's difficult. I wrote out the following on my Facebook this afternoon, … Read more about Preaching on difficult topics.

Ferguson and My Eight Year Old

Everyone has an opinion on the circumstances surrounding the city of Ferguson and Michael Brown: from how the cops dealt with the situation, to the racial make-up of the case, to the governments stance on the issue, and so many different perspectives that I can neither identify or name them all … Read more about Ferguson and My Eight Year Old

The Secret Menu

I am a huge fan of In-N-Out. From the top to bottom, I pretty much like everything about them. I like their double-double burgers, their crispy french fries, and especially their strawberry milkshakes. If I could eat their every week and not blow up like an overfed Thanksgiving turkey, I … Read more about The Secret Menu