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"If your #church doesn't look like you, then it's not FOR you. And if it doesn't look like other people, then it's not FOR THEM either." - View Tweet Last week I was talking with my friend Chris Brooks about the church and racism, and how we need to move forward with a multi-ethnic movement that becomes less about being diverse and more about being the church - accepting of all people no matter their context, color, or capability. For thirty minutes we shared hopes and dreams, where we each were in the movement, how we've both actively worked for this cause for years, and what we are doing … Read more about Racism

How to be Well Received

Have you noticed how hard the church is getting hit these days? Warning: this is a slightly political post. However, let's do our best not to make this thing too political and more about how we relate to our neighbors. Why? Because we are at a point where we need to consider the sources and our apparent future and do our best in order to carve a clear path forward. Let's start with a few questions.  When was the last time you had a civil conversation about politics with your neighbor? How well do you know the political temperature of your neighbor? Do you know how the … Read more about How to be Well Received